Saturday, March 26, 2011

Stylish Blogger Award

This week I was given the Stylish Blogger award by Melissa, whose blog is Happy Mom of Two. When named a Stylish Blogger, there are four things you are asked to do.

1. Send a thank you and link back to the person/persons who awarded you this award.
Thanks to Melissa at Happy Mom of Two!

2. Share 7 things about yourself.

About 12 years ago I went skydiving a loved it.
I hate watching the news. Hate it. The sound of a newscaster's voice (they all have the same tone and rhythm) grates on my nerves and I don't like all the overdramatization of things. Plus I can't stand how trivial things are sensationalized (Charlie Sheen? Who cares?).
I've never really had a major injury, except maybe for the time my brother accidentally hit me in the face with a baseball bat when I was four or five. I got four stitches under my right eye.
My favorite color is either yellow or green. Based on my wardrobe, probably green. Based on my home decor, it's a toss up.

I don't get into scrapbooking, but I have a baby book for each of my girls with lots of info and photos in each of them. People used to laugh at me when I was pregnant with Lass and would mention getting a baby book for her, saying that I might get the book but I'd never put anything in it. But I remember being kind of disappointed as a second child that there was almost nothing in my baby book, so I make sure to try to put as much in Lass's as is in Miss's.
I have a slight addiction to buying arts and craft supplies for my two-year-old. We have a box, cupboard, and countertop full of all sorts of crafting stuff, much of which we haven't even used yet. But I'm still drawn to that aisle of the store and have to make myself walk away without buying something.

I can't get going in the morning without my coffee. I really crave it, but it's decaf.

3. Then award 15 blogs that you follow.

These blogs are stylish and fun to read, check them out:

Thanks again to Melissa of Happy Mom of Two!


  1. Thanks for thinking of me! Skydiving! I would love to do that!

  2. Thanks! I, too, hate watching the news.

  3. I hate the news as well. I like to read the paper more. Just something about a nice cup of coffee and the paper in the morning..if I can get it now with 2 haha!

    Thanks for the follow! I'm returning the favor!

  4. Congrats, Stylish Blogger! I found your blog today via the Tuesday Blog Trail. Your daughters are SO adorable! Now following via GFC. Looking forward to reading more.
    -jen @

  5. THANK YOU so much for this award!! I am so grateful! Thanks for following Mom-a-Logues!

  6. THANK YOU!!! Sorry I took so long to read this, I appreciate the award!

  7. Thank you SO much!! I'm sorry I'm so late getting back to you. My life has been a little messy the last few weeks. You are awesome and things like this keep me motivated to keep blogging. I'm so happy to have met you and made a new friend! XO

  8. YAY!!!!!!!!! I love this!! Thank you!! I definitely think you get the top award for most stylish and adorable blogs though. It's so fun clicking on yours to see all the pictures! LOVE IT. You have a fantastic blog, dude! :)